A Holistic Vision: We have a New Branding


Vision begins with the eyes, but it truly takes place in the brain. Fei Fei Li, Stanford, 2015


Right before the launch of the first module we decided to change our name. To be honest, it was not a quick shot, we had been discussing it for a while and now seemed the right moment to go through the rebranding. PANATOMY Digital Diagnostics shall be PANTAVISION DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS henceforth.


First, because many had difficulties remembering the fantasy portmanteau ‘Panatomy’ (combining pathology and anatomy) or even pronouncing it right. You may find that hard to believe (and so did we at first) but throughout the last 18 months we saw and heard a broad variety of combinations of those 8 letters. Needless to say that the original meaning did not make it through the alterations.  Even the EU Commission issued funding to company named ‘Panatmoy’ (yes, really). Second, because we never put a lot of thought into the name and now that the product is finally ready for the public there seem to be better expressions of our field of work out there apt for a name. I do not think that a company name is the most important thing and should take up a lot of (precious) time, but it is an opportunity to claim and shout out what you do. And while Panatomy was too much of a cryptic mumbling, PANTAVISION DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS (yes, all caps!) seems like at least a clearer statement.


The Viewer-Software is a diagnostic support technology. It combines a viewer software with one of the biggest image-databases available today, with the sole purpose of having radiologists (and other imaging specialists) looking at it. Viewer software, images, visual diagnostics. I think the seeing part is predominant enough here to make it into the name. Also, seeing is not only believing, but also understanding, learning and comprehending, leading to vision in the more abstract sense. And of course we do have a vision. Panta is Greek for ‘all’ or ‘everything’. Like in the Heraklit ‘panta rhei’ (‘everything flows’). PANTAVISION DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS is seeing everything. Holistic approach, right? And unless the EU Commission thinks of Eucalyptus-loving bears, the name is safe from mixups.