We have the great pleasure to announce that we will be one of the showcasing companies at European Society of Urology Radiology ESUR2016 Workshop Conference on Prostate MRI.

ESUR2016: Prostate MRI new findings 

For the 6th ESUR Prostate MRI Teaching Course, both the Charité University Clinic Institute of Radiology and the ESUR will bring together internationally renowned experts from different specialties including radiology, urology, and pathology to lecture on basic principles of prostate cancer detection and treatment with a strong focus on prostate MRI. In addition, interactive discussions will focus on recent and potential future developments. In hands-on workshops practical skills can be trained under the supervision of experienced radiologists.

The program addresses experts and practicioners who are new to this imaging technique and interested in acquiring basic knowledge, as well as medical practicioners already experienced in reading prostate MRI and looking for advanced input from experts and critical discussions.

An Interactive Viewing Experience

The PANTAVISION DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS Viewer Software will be used both for presentations and within the workshop panel as the first fully interactive digital viewer infrastructure. It will allow real-time viewing and diagnosing of radiologic cases just like in real-live-environment, with image stacks and radiologic content integrated right into the tool.

The PANTAVISION DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS Team will be available for support and follow up questions right on the spot – we will also guide through the software and functionalities of the Viewer Modules.

The Event will be held at the downtown Berlin Jazz Hotel Ellington Hotel. The conference language will be English. The Event was granted 12 European CME credits (ECMEC). More information here.