Financing Digital Heatlh: PANTAVISION DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS @EU Startup Services Funding Workshop



After successfully funding the Radiologic Viewer Development for the PANTAVISION DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS Viewer through EU Commission’s H2020 Programme, we were invited to talk Healthcare funding and EU financial support for innovation with the EU Startup Services Team and future applicants at the newly opened Wework Berlin Loft overseeing the city.

Healthcare funding is vital for the ecosystem

Digital health innovations are less costly in terms of product development and licensing compared to the more traditional med tech ventures where product development and clinical testing are costly. On the other hand, digital health lacks patents and licensing approvals that secure investments. Corresponding KPIs like traction however require remarkable upfront financing. Although digital health solutions are seemingly easy to buil and distribute, bootstrapping remains very challenging.

Funding disparaty

Especially healthcare innovations strongly depend on external funding. Gaps between early stage private financing and venture capital should be closed with public intervention – at least in theory. Today, numerous innovative companies reveive funding both from private and public funds while other projects encounter difficulties. There is a visible funding disparity between those projects.

In the class of recently funded projects PANTAVISION DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS has a somewhat exceptional position, highlighted by the CEO Ulrich Grupp, MD, being able to introduce a ready-to-market product based on mostly public funding and investments by the founders. For more information on EU Funding or collaboration with the agencies EU Startup Services and European Young Innovators Forum feel free to contact us directly at